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Teaching Staff

Name of the Staff Designation Qulificaton  
Sri. Shidlingaswamy.P.M Principal M.A.,MEd.,Mphil.,[PhD]
Sri G.C.Hiremathad Lecturer M.A.,MEd.,Mphil.
Sri. Vijayakumar B.S. Lecturer M.A.,MEd.,Mphil.[PhD]
Sri. I.R. Haravi Lecturer M.A.,MEd.,Mphil.[PhD]
Sri. S.B. Annigeri Lecturer M.A.,MEd.
Kum. Premalata Kumbar Lecturer M.Sc.,MEd.
Sri. Mahantesh C. (L) Lecturer M.Sc.,MEd.  
Kum. Rajeshwari Yaligar Lecturer M.A.,MEd.  
Smt. Surekha Kumbar Lecturer M.A.,MEd.  
Sri. P.S.Tatti (L) Phy. Director M.PEd  
Kum. Kaveri. M. A. F.D.A M.A.  
Smt. Manjula Hosamani S.D.A B.A.  
Sri. Vijayakumar N (L) Attender B.A.  
Sri. Mahanthesh Ambiger Peon. P.U.C  
Sri. Shambhanna Bhovi Watchman -  
Smt. Neelamma Uppar 'D' Group -  



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